Top 5 Cyber Security Books


Books are a great way to learn the fundamentals of cyber security and get more hands on in the field. Here is a top 5 list we recommend for beginners who are looking to get started in cyber security.

#1. Advanced Security Testing with Kali Linux

By: Daniel W. Dieterle

Amazon Link

#2. Pentest + Study Guide

By: CompTIA

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#3. Ethical Hacking: A Hands-on Introduction to Breaking In

By: Danial G Graham ( no starch press )

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. Cybersecurity Attacks – Red Team Strategies

By: Johann Rehberger ( Packt )

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cyber security book

#5. Web Application Hacker Handbook

By: Dafydd Stuttard

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cyber security book

I hope you enjoyed our blog on Cyber Security Books. If you are looking to learn with some hands-on training in cyber security, check out Parrot CTFs or check out some of our other articles like Top 5 Cyber CTF Platforms.

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