The Effects of Data Breaches


What could happen if your data is breached?

  • Your credentials are included in ‘combos’ and are used in credential snuffing attacks
  • The details stolen could be used to open loans in your name
  • Other websites which you use the same/similar password can be at risk
  • It is sold and exchanged on online markets

How do I know if my data has been breached?

  • You can include yourself on the HaveIBeenPwned Newsletter which will alert you if your email has been detected in a breach
  • Attempts to log in to your accounts from a foreign device
  • Large breaches are usually recorded in news articles

How do I lower the chance of this affecting me?

  • Use different passwords on different websites (using random passphrases)
  • Do not use one password solely for your online accounts
  • Keep up-to-date with news on breaches

What is OpenBullet?

open bullet application image

OpenBullet is a popular credential snuffing tool where breaches credentials are formatted, and imported as ‘combos’ which are combinations of emails/usernames and passwords. Utilizing configs that can capture account details, the UI provides bad actors the ultimate tool for breaching your account which can be sold online to other criminals.

What is SNIPR?

Sniper Forum Image

SNIPR was a tool developed by PRAGMA and was sold to thousands of cyber criminals who used it to snuff credentials. It is very possible your credentials have passed through this tool and were used to attempt to break into a website such as Spotify.

Cyber Criminals are well equipped when it comes to targeting you. The credentials snuffed could be used to target your workplace and your own online accounts. Communities of bad actors exist in which a combo of your data is being exchanged, given out, and distributed. This puts you at risk – protecting yourself online has never been so important in this digital age. Forum

Nulled Forum Image Forum

Cracked IO forum image

These forums which ultimately run with the intention to sell, distribute and facilitate illegal acts are able to operate without pressure or action from authorities? Why are these forums with a member base of bad actors allowed to operate? Without action from the government, the only thing you can do to protect yourself and your data starts and ends with you. In this digital age, you must protect yourself online. Trust nothing, use online password managers and stay away from torrented/pirated software, or else your credentials will land in someone else’s hands.

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