Getting Started in Cyber Security With CTFs


One of the biggest problems in the CTF community is the number of unrealistic lab machines launched on Hack the Box, Try Hack Me, Pico CTFs, etc. aims to change this. They have gotten loads of support from the entire industry, including the most notable from Parrot OS themselves! Parrot CTFs is a small CTF platform that is rapidly growing, with hundreds of people joining every week and new labs being released.

Active Directory Labs, AWS Cloud Labs, Traditional CTFs, Similar to King of The Hill (Koth), We have Challenge, a Friend, and so much more coming to the table. Incredibly, such a fantastic community loves these unique approaches to CTFs.

What sets them apart is their ability to have game changing CTFs. Do not just believe us, though. Ask the community what they think or try it out for yourself! Many free boxes are available to try out before committing to a pro-user plan. Will Parrot CTFs be the next big thing?

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