Cyber Security Consulting Firms


What are Cyber Security Consulting Firms?

Cybersecurity consulting firms are security-specific service providers offering services and solutions that provide company, personal, and government agencies with continuous security assurance. They help organizations improve their business operations, their IT operations efficiency and technology, and security and risk management technology strategies.

It’s a common misconception that security firms are just for huge companies and big tech. There are many firms that also aid personal blogs, websites, web applications, projects, and more like Parrot Pentest, LLC the company that brings you this blog.

How can one help me and why should I use one?

From phishing training to vulnerability assessments; Cyber security consulting firms offer all kinds of security services. The key to knowing which one can help you and how they can help you is what you have that may be in need of testing. Do you have a WordPress web application? Then maybe your WordPress blog has some vulnerable plugins or weak credentials. A cyber security consulting firm would find these flaws and generate a report on the flaws and how to fix them.

Do you handle a lot of data? Maybe you just want to avoid lawsuits from data compromises. Just one mistake from an employee or yourself can lead to a compromise. If you are interested in what some of the effects of data breaches are we have an article on this called the Effects of Data Breaches. It is very important for employees to be able to identify phishing attempts or social engineering attacks.

Does your organization run on Active Directory? How will you know that it is set up properly and is not vulnerable or misconfigured? Cyber security companies are well equipped to handle these types of situations and more just like it. in conclusion, these companies help with all kinds of situations that all lead up to one thing. They help make sure your assets are safe and secure from hackers with ill intent.

What should I look for in a Provider?

There are many key aspects of hiring a cyber security vendor. What applications have that worked with? How long have they been in the field? What are the qualifications of the consultants that I will be working with? What is it going to cost me? All these questions are questions you should be asking yourself when choosing a vendor.

When looking at vendors you should not trust one that promises findings or that you will be 100% safe and secure. When a penetration test or red team operation takes place it is at that point in time. There may be more vulnerabilities later. Additionally, you should look for a vendor that can customize and fit your specific needs.

Here are 5 questions you should ask before hiring a vendor:

  • How do you determine my company’s most significant security risk?
  • What is required of my company and me?
  • What kind of training do you offer?
  • What experience do you have with companies similar to mine?
  • What is your average response time when something goes wrong?

Source: VerusCorp

In conclusion, just make sure you are asking a lot of questions and are getting legitimate responses.

How much does it cost to hire one?

This all depends on the assets that are being tested and the company you choose. Penetration Tests can range from 800$-100k$ depending on the number of assets being tested, who they are testing, and what they are testing. A lot of companies/vendors will post some more common pricing models to peak the interest of their target audience. If you are looking to have 200 assets tested do not expect an 800$ Penetration Test.

There is oftentimes a quoting option, or an option to book a call with the consulting provider its always best to choose this option to get the best-customized fit for you. If you are a personal blogger/web application holder and the price is around 800$ this is about as affordable as a penetration test is going to get. if you are a company you should expect in the thousands.

There are all kinds of pricing models that various companies use. Some charge hourly, and some charge flat rates. pricing will come down to one thing. pricing depends on your needs, the amount of work, how long it will take, and the type of work being done.

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